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Modern industry cannot exist without packaging. In the production of a wide range of products ranging from bread to pens’ caps, we need

qualitative and reliable packaging that will not let down neither in winter nor in summer, neither in heat, nor in cold.

Packaging is needed for all types of products:

  • Food: sugar, milk, cheese, sausages, flour, bread, fruit...
  • Cosmetics: cream, toothpaste, shampoo, antiperspirant...
  • Medical goods: syringes, drips, needles, pills...
  • Items of personal hygiene: toothpicks, wet wipes...
  • Furniture, industrial products, machinery, building materials, electrical appliances etc.

    Each type of product is special and requires its own specially designed packaging, which is aimed to protect the product from the influence of the environment and give

    a unique appearance. There are many factors that have adverse influence on the product: mechanical effects, such as transportation, exposure to oxygen and water vapors, which are in the air, bacteria, spoilage, ultraviolet radiation, which causes fading of the product, discoloration, etc. etc.

    The contemporary level of development of science enables scientists to invent new and new materials with specified properties: mechanical, barrier, optical.
    Materials are becoming more knowledge-based and for the manufacturing of packaging more and more complex processes are applied.
    The process of designing the packaging is regarded from different parameters. Full range of parameters is considered starting from the characteristics

    of the product, which will be packed, the indoor environment in the room for packaging, temperature and storage conditions, and ending with the properties we need to ensure after the product is packed.


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